West Orange root canal

Where can I get a root canal in West Orange?

When a root canal is necessary, you want to go to a dentist skilled and experienced in providing root canal treatment. At Modern Dental of West Orange, we use the latest technology and most effective methods of care to provide precise and gentle West Orange root canal therapy. Our reputation for excellence is based upon a consistent record of achieving successful outcomes of care, while providing prompt, painless and convenient treatment for every type of dental need.

West Orange root canal

Inside every tooth is either a single central chamber or multiple ones that contain connective tissue, a nerve supply, and blood vessels. A root canal procedure is required when these tissues, known as the dental pulp, are irreversibly damaged or have died. Despite lingering misconceptions, root canals are very common, routine procedures that are precisely and gently performed approximately 41,000 times per day and almost 15 million times per year. In fact, a root canal procedure is the most effective way to preserve a natural tooth in which the nerve has been compromised by injury or decay. At Modern Dental, our dentists are skilled and experienced in providing root canal therapy. Moreover, with an endodontic specialist as part of our dental team, we can address even the most problematic teeth, such as those with unusual anatomy, accessory canals, fractured teeth, as wells as ones that require retreatment.  Keep in mind that once your West Orange root canal therapy has been completed, the form and function of the affected tooth should be fully restored as recommended.

At Modern Dental we offer a comprehensive selection of the most advanced services to meet your family’s dental needs. Whether you are in need of a checkup and cleaning, a cosmetic smile makeover, dental implants, a West Orange root canal, or any other dental procedure, we are here for you. For more information on our office or to make an appointment for care, give us a call today.

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